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price per person: 20,00€

(children 3- 12 y.o. -50%)


10:00 – departure from the port of Souda

11:00 – arrival at Almirida beach

12:30 – arrival at Marathi beach

14.30 – arrival at Loutraki beach

17:00 – return to the port of Souda


animation program for the children

a written guided tour in your language.


After departing from the port of Souda, the Black Pearl shall head to the southern part of the bay. The scenic bay of Souda is a wind-protected, lovely natural harbor, and a place of strategic importance.

With soft music playing in the background, you will be able to further enjoy the lovely view of the coastline, and the hill of Kalami, with the historic Turkish Intzedin Fortress. It was built in 1870 and took its name from the first born son of the Sultan. Prominent political figures of the 20th century were imprisoned in its cells and this is where some of the first political prisoners were executed. The fortress has been declared a world cultural heritage site and is now used as an outdoor venue for concerts and other events. Atop the mountain overlooking the bay of Souda lies the ancient city of Aptera, which was one of the most important city-states of western Crete. The city was founded in the 8th century BC and was abandoned in the 7thcentury, initially due to a strong earthquake and then due to the continuous Arab raids.

Cruises - Quality travel Kissamos Chania

Almyrida, one of the area’s best beaches, is situated in the southeastern side of the bay. The ship will approach the beach in about one hour and shall moor nearby, giving you the chance to swim in the turquoise blue waters. With the mountains of the Apokorona peninsula dominating over the bay, many spots offer breathtaking view. After our stop at Almyrida, the trip continues to Marathi, or ancient Minoa, which was one of the two ports of ancient Aptera.

On the ship’s open decks, your children will enjoy our special animation program, and will have the chance to experience a magical pirate adventure by participating in various games, such as a treasure hunt, water gun fights, face painting, and many more. The lovely pirate ship, the stunning view of the coastline, and the warm hospitality of our crew, dressed in pirate costumes, will make you feel you are traveling in another era.

The self-service bar of the ship shall remain open throughout the cruise, offering light meals, with salads, wine, soft drinks, coffee, ice creams, etc.

The ship shall continue towards the northwestern past of the bay, giving you the chance to see the steep cliffs of the Akrotiri peninsula that form many lovely beaches, such as Marathi and Loutraki.

We shall arrive in Marathi approximately at 12.30 and will stay there for two hours. The wind-protected sandy beach with the shallow waters is ideal for families with children. You can remain onboard the ship for relaxation and dining, or disembark. You may return to the ship at any time, but make sure you are back at least 10 minutes before departure.

Cruises - Quality travel Kissamos Chania

Our next destination is the picturesque Loutraki, situated in the southeastern part of the Akrotiri peninsula. It’s a secluded bay, surrounded by rocky cliffs, while there is also a settlement there. The ship will anchor off the bay, giving you the chance to swim in the crystal clear waters Our trip shall continue near the islets situated in the bay of Souda, the islet of Souda, that guards the port, and yet another almost round nearby islet, indicated in old Venetian maps as “Rabbit Island”.

Due to its strategic location, Crete was claimed and conquered by many peoples, mainly Venetians and Turks. The Venetians built tens of fortresses in key locations around the island, and on the nearby islets. Those fortresses were used to control the surrounding areas, and the passageways. The Venetian fortress of Fortezza was built in 1571 on the islet of Souda. Before the Itzedin Fortress, Fortezza was the only fortress of the area, protecting the entrance to the port of Souda, as well as the town of Chania, for centuries.

The island has a turbulent history, and its inhabitants are known for their fierce struggles to liberation, since throughout the Turkish Occupation, when under Venetian administration, Crete was a refuge for persecuted revolutionaries. The Greek flag was hoisted for the first time on the island on February 1st 1913 (before the island’s official unification with Greece).

After this exciting, fun day at sea, you shall return to the port of Souda around 17.00.

Cruises - Quality travel Kissamos Chania